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Sooo – I realize I haven’t posted here for over a month. It’s now a week after the project was finished, or, as finished as it got. I thought it was time the result was presented here on the blog, … Continue reading

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Progressing along.

Well, things move along, if ever so slowly. Most everything’s modeled, at least the big shapes. Hope to do a bunch of smaller stones and pieces of rubble later, but next up is finishing our rather simple texturing and shading.  … Continue reading

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My past weeks: modeling

Why, it seems I’ve forgotten ’bout this place. Well, I’ve been busy modeling, then remodeling. As Oskar wrote, we decided on a different design, again. As the goat character’s been scrapped, there’s been some changes. But at least, by now, … Continue reading

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Statues and a face

Had a fun few days. The King’s been roughed out, completing the statue-group; I’ve made the pillars and podium the statues are standing on, and I also found some time to make a sculpt-concept of Yesim’s face. I’m getting fond … Continue reading

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Archways and dudes

So, we – me and Oskar – spent last week working on a small test-area, the entrance. I worked on the gate, as mentioned, and here’s how it looked on Friday: On Saturday, we scrapped that whole concept and decided … Continue reading

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Dynamic-driven joint chains, environment concepting and a first model

Seems I didn’t write a post last week, so this one will have to serve. I’ve done a few things, but only three seem worth mentioning: First, I looked into driving joint-chains with dynamics, yet still retain some control over … Continue reading

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Environment moodboard

Me and Oskar put together a few of our main inspirations for the environment. There’s the reddish sandstone rock formations, the arab-indian architecture, the classical fantasy greenery.

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Stefan: character concepts

Stefan Berglund here. I’ll be working mostly on the environment and compositing parts in the project, but this week, I’ve mainly focused on character concepts.  (Except a short bit in the beginning, when I and Oskar fleshed out our mock-up … Continue reading

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