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animation polish and additional td duties

I’ve had a lot on my plate these past two weeks or so, been straightening out a lot of technical issues with skinning, rigging and blendshapes, corrective and ordinary, providing a bit of support for Tomas and Daniel and getting … Continue reading

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You require additional skinning

The skinning has required a lot of attention, I’ve been tweaking Yesims body to something like a final bind and roughed the skinning of her face. Some areas  will have to be controlled partially by corrective blendshapes or even clusters/lattices … Continue reading

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Skinning and additional rigging

Due to some slight rearrangement in schedule, this has been a mostly technical week for me without any actual animation going on. I’ve been trying out ways to add additional control over the mesh in regards to  contact surfaces, implemented … Continue reading

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Blocking of shots 26 and 29

Start of this week has been business as usual, I’ve been working on shot 26 wherein Yesim is trying to pry some treasure from an – at the moment – invisible goat while JP appears behind her and shot 29 … Continue reading

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blocking tackle and rope climbing

Been busy animating two slightly more complicated shots this week, shot 15 where JP gets tackled from behind by Yesim and they start their tumble down the stairs and shot 6 in which Yesim makes her entrance. I had a … Continue reading

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Wip block in, shot 21 and 23

Monday and tuesday this week I spent creating the rigs for our main characters. Since I want to focus mostly on animation throughout the project I choose to rig using the abAutorig script by Supercrumbly, which saved me a lot … Continue reading

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Project startup, concept art

Hi, I’m Hannes and I’ll be teaming up with Björn and Tomas for the animation. All the rigging will be done by me as well. This first week however, I’ve spent helping out with concept art for the characters and … Continue reading

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