animation polish and additional td duties

I’ve had a lot on my plate these past two weeks or so, been straightening out a lot of technical issues with skinning, rigging and blendshapes, corrective and ordinary, providing a bit of support for Tomas and Daniel and getting some animation done in between. Still, things are more or less going in the right direction. Yesim is getting updated blendshapes, some unfortunate pushing going on in the gums but it looks like this will be an easy fix by just painting blend shape weight maps. I set the eyelids up with sculpt deformers to make the eyeballs affect them a little, however, this seems to cause some problems in combination with blendshapes so they’re scrapped for the moment.

JP’s going to get his face rig soon as well, ran into some trouble though while trying to split his blendshape meshes into left and right sides (using the excellent abTwoFace script once again from crumbly). Confused as to what could be causing this since splitting yesims meshses went smoothly enough, haven’t had time to look into it yet but I hope I’ll get it sorted out tomorrow.

As for the animation, shot 12 got quite a makeover, there were a lot of mood changes in there pressed into those 4 seconds which came across as just.. well, she felt weird and unnatural. So I decided to keep just the first and the last pose basically and worked it out from there. The tiara is still missing in this shot since it wasn’t done when I started on it. The other shots have stayed pretty much true to the blocking.

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1 Response to animation polish and additional td duties

  1. I have wanted to say some thing about the animations.
    But the blooking looked so good there wan’t really much to say.
    And as you pobably have noticed, the inbetween and splining part is quite tricky.
    It still looks very good and I know that the animations is not final jet.

    But to keep in mind:
    Beware of arms and legs looking IK:ish.
    IK is really use full but can some times makes the arm or a leg fel like thery not part of the motion.
    Likte, some times the energi comes from the chest and out to the hand and some times the oposit ofcourse.
    But just to make sure it looks like the movement energi comes from some where and transfer to some where else.
    Hope that makes cence.

    What you gus could do (if you’re using referenced rigs)
    Is that you could have the IK hand ctrl in a group that is constraind in world and also to the chest. And then the animator can blend between does to chooes how the IK should act.

    Id don’t really know how much of this you already have thought of.
    But a wild shot in the dark and just some tips for the rush towards the final results.
    Keep it you and rock and roll.

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