getting closer

As my esteemed colleague Stefan said earlier we are now almost done with all of the big sculpting there may be some tweaking to be done. the textures are however not done so bare with us a while longer.

Right now i’m sculpting the ground areas that has not yet been done (ground under the dome, ground to the right of the terrace and ground under the entrance area). that should be done tomorrow, then i will spruce things up with some grass and general foliage in the coming days. we’ll also work on some lighting to better help us with the texturing.
The last week i’ve been finilizing the terrace, sculpted the dome, and made the kings crown (the first treasure)

as you can see the crown is not yet shaded, it will be gold, while the horns and the eyes i have not yet added will be faceted emeralds.

Oh and now seems as good a time as any to outline our props creation process. First we create geometry with edge spacing that is good for sculpting in zbrush (quads that are as square as possible). Then we sculpt them in zbrush. then we use decimation master to decimate the meshes and UV master to bake  the UV’s. Then we take the models into Xnormal where we use the decimated geometry as low res meshes (the mesh that receives the projected normals) and the exported the high res meshes from zbrush as source mesh to create Object space normal maps. we also use Xnormal for ambient occlusion maps and cavity maps and use them as our base texture. Finally we overlay the object space normal maps with a detail normal map created with the photo shop plug-in Ndo.

Right now all our textures are just a flat color with ambient and cavity overlay, but depending on camera angels/lighting condition we will add further detail as needed.  the process will be more thoroughly  explained in the “how to” document.

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  1. Christoffer Lindvall says:

    Så jävla imponerande! Grymt kul att se, jag har följt er blogg ett tag nu och gillar hur saker och ting utvecklas. Är helt övertygad på att er short kommer bli det fetaste som gjorts på gsCEPT. Bara block-animationerna är klockrena, samt skulpteringen är spot on! R0ck on! Snart är ni fria! Hehe!


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