You require additional skinning

The skinning has required a lot of attention, I’ve been tweaking Yesims body to something like a final bind and roughed the skinning of her face. Some areasĀ  will have to be controlled partially by corrective blendshapes or even clusters/lattices to behave acceptably, but overall the mesh is deforming nicely thanks to the edgeflow.

Spent some more time finding rigging solutions for various props, like JP’s sword and waterbottle and with tweaking the settings on the hair systems in their clothes and Yesim’s hair. The sword got a setup similar to that of the clothes, together with a collision box parented to JP’s leg. For the bottle i played around a bit with lattices, as soft bodies with springs and rigged with jiggle deformers. Although the physics driven springs looked and behaved very nicely when moved with a light hand, they tended to act up and go crazy as soon as the control object made a rapid movement. As fixing this seemed to be an issue of time consuming iteration of settings with a rather uncertain outcome in the end, I chose to go with a jiggle instead.

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