Block in animation & ‘Midvis’

We have had to make some minor changes the story since we simply don’t have the time to model, rig, skin and animate the goat-character. Sad but true. Because of this, some of the block in animation may leave some to the imagination right now. The necklace rig and model are still mockup, so the animation for it is very, very rough.

I’ve done a lot of cutting and camerawork last week and over the weekend. Playblasting the shots from Maya and cutting them together in Premiere. Experimented with different camera motions to get the flow between shots and the composition between shots right. Generally, I’ve tried to keep the composition of the picture in left or right diagonals and the camera is placed to get the focus-objects on that diagonal. (Basic rule of thirds thinking.)
The cameras are always moving, some are more subtle than others. In a couple of shots, the cameras are moving ‘against each other’ and not in the same direction as they probably should. I thought this added some tension to it.
A couple of angles and cuts are still not perfect. But it’s fine for now.
Seven new very short shots were added just before the ‘chase’-sequence. (The intense locking back and forth.) We realized that something was needed to build up the tension that leads to the fast paced ‘chase’ -sequence. Instead of more running and jumping animation we decided that this was the fastest and most efficient option for this.

Generally this is how our final version will look. Some touching up, and a few minor changes will be made, but nothing major.


My rough block in animation shots for this short.

The last shot is changed. And the one before that (struggle and zoom/pan) was originally Hannes, but since skinning Yesim took a bit longer than planned, I blocked it out in a couple of days.

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