finishing basemeshes, rearangment and som zbrush

Hello! it’s me again.

So this week Stefan and I have been modeling the rest of the base meshes in the scene. We decided to make the theme of the temple complex “goaty” instead of “birdy”. I finalized the Terrace I was working on and I have also made a domed building and it’s adjoining wall on the left side of the compound. I’ve also been rearranging some of the objects so that they are positioned better for key shots.

So this week we will sculpt everything in Z brush and finalize the surfacing. so far i have logged a couple of hours on the terrace. so this is a early W.I.P:

The Terrace stone is inspired by the Taj mahal where they have a similar arrangement on the walls.

so that’s it for me this week. see you again next week.

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