Character retopo and some progress

Ok, so the past week I’ve basically been tying together all the loose strings left on the characters, at least when it comes to making them ready for skinning. I have retopologized all that needed new topology, mainly the heads and hands. I then projected the detail I allready had back on the retopologized meshes and touched that up as well.

Before this I first had to take care of the face of Yesim, something that I had neglected for far to long. We were looking for a memorable kind of character designing has proven quite tedious. After som progress back and forth Stefan made a Zsculpt I really liked the feel of. We had a bit of a chat about it and I descided to start working with his ideas of design as a basis. I look his proportions and made a whole new topology, animation friendly and took that into zbrush, trying to get as much of the feel of his concept but making the sculpt fitting for production. The result turned out quite nice. Hopefully I will be able to go back and give the male character some more attention.

All in all, both main characters now have descent topology and are more or less ready for skinning. Next up is refining the forms in zbrush a bit more. The only thing that has been sculpted so far are the faces. Everything else has been done in Maya, I feel quite confident that the sculpting process for the rest of the characters will be done quite swiftly. When this is done it’s time for some blend shapes.

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