and once again!

So yeah as my esteemed colleague Stefan said we started from scratch. so this week i have been testing the boundaries of normal mapping capabilities and that took, i am sad to say, a long frikkin’ time.
I “remodeled the same area 2 times just to get a satisfactory level of detail on the base meshes. but at last i found a good middle ground. we have also decided to go with Object space normal maps instead of tangent space normal maps since these handle edges alot better and also is cheaper to render. so here is the final sculpt in Maya with just some flat color and cavity in addition to the normal map, more texturing to come, and it is of course lit with the magnificent preview lighting created by Stefan.

I also started to model the “Terrace area” and begun adding some of our fur grass, it’s not lit correctly yet so you’ll have to wait for a render until there is something to see.

So with that i sign off!

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