Archways and dudes

So, we – me and Oskar – spent last week working on a small test-area, the entrance. I worked on the gate, as mentioned, and here’s how it looked on Friday:

On Saturday, we scrapped that whole concept and decided to go with a gentler art direction. (Well, really, we had already decided that way ago, we just weren’t very good at following it.)

So, this is how it looked on Sunday:

Yes, all the pillars are made of cheese, and there’s a gingerbread man. New art direction indeed.Well. We might do some changes. Like, breaking most of the pillars in half, and de-cheesing them. The gingerbread man stays, no matter what Daniel might tell you.

But that’s later on in the schedule: today – or rather, yesterday – I started working on the statues standing there in the middle. It’s actually five statues: one big wise king and four smallish minions holding up his paraphernalia. And this is how far I’ve come:

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