blocking tackle and rope climbing

Been busy animating two slightly more complicated shots this week, shot 15 where JP gets tackled from behind by Yesim and they start their tumble down the stairs and shot 6 in which Yesim makes her entrance. I had a lot of trouble getting the tackle to look good as it tended to either feel too slow or make the characters loose their feeling of weight completely. I settled for a fast moving, rather cartoony solution with a lot of stretched and distorted poses for both characters. Feedback has been positive, though looking back I think it might be a tad too quick for the action to register properly.

Shot 6 turned out to be easier than I had thought and was a lot of fun animating. I made a quick rig for the rope with a spline IK driven by FK controls, nothing fancy but enough to do the job. First block of the rope looked kinda stiff and unnatural so I took the time to film some additional references. Turns out I had the right idea for the movement initially but the references helped me a lot with getting the timing and spacing right. As for Yesim, i aimed for making her appear light and agile.

I have also made some changes of shot 23, and seeing it again now I think it’s going to need some working over.

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