start of final model, new mock-up and networking.

Well hello!

Earlier this week me and my “brother in arms” Stefan has been testing some technologies for use in our short. I looked into the possibility low res proxy cloth mesh used to drive higher res final model. The results look promising but Stefan had some good results with¬† his solution as well so we shall see what we use in the end. And then we finally got the Network rendering to work properly so as of now it seems we will have 12 computers at our disposal, 6 of which are dedicated rendering machines.¬† We chose to use Autodesk backburner 2008 as our management software since it is the one readily avail bile to us.

Then we moved on to finalizing the concepts/mock-up before we start the final assembly. here’s a quick pillar i drew:

Then later we also changed/added the last elemnts to the mockup. The biggest changes are that the left building is now a broken dome instead of a fallen wall. We also added a fountain behind the statue. giving us this final mockup:

and then last but no least we have now started the final modeling of the entrance. where i will build the broken stairs, and the ground. here is a early WIP shot:

and that’s a wrap. see you next week.

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