Environmental mockup, planning and techincal shenanigans

Hey all Oskar Pettersson reporting!

During the last few days i have been hard at work with the environmental mock-up together with Stefan, here are a few “far out” renders of our environments:

Then when Stefan started to concept the characters I turned my attention to the problem of grass. I looked up the possibilities and concluded that the 2 avenues open to us were either paint effects or fur. after looking into paint effects i was dismayed, it was not as easily customized and dynamic as i had wished. But then i looked into the hair driven fur method which i found more to my taste. so here is a quick technology test of the grass. nothings final, especially the animation which is only a little turbulence. but here goes:

For HQ click here

And finally i have also been writing the base for our project plan and looking into Satellite rendering which we’ll hopefully have the opportunity to test out sometime next week.

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