Making the previsualization

I’m Tomas, like Hannes said I’ll be with him and Bj√∂rn on the animators team.

I thought I’d give a quick description of our process to getting the previz/animatic done.
First we discussed how the characters had to move in the environment to make the story happen, and after that made a very rough mock-up of what we thought was needed.
The modelers then took that mock-up and added some geometry and structure they thought was necessary, though it remained a very rough block in.

The rougher block in versus the less rough block in

The rougher block in versus the less rough block in

We then used the freely available Max for Maya by James Hunt ( to quickly make a few key poses in every shot we had.

Posing in the "block up"

Making sure the angles were aproximately correct we then rendered the key poses. The renders were imported into Adobe Premiere and timed, so we could get a sense of the time scale and be able to cut and add scenes as we felt was necessary. Once this animated storyboard was finished we felt we had enough meat on our bones to start making the previzualisation.

The very rough animatic

Now that we knew the timing of the shots, we started to roughly animate, still using the Max rig, blocking out poses and getting the definite camera angles down.

Posing in the mock up

Which is where we are now, we expect the previzualisation to be done at the very latest by Sunday.

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